Extremism .. can we have it back please?

You have to be an extremist to get moderately competent at anything
You have to be an extremist to get promoted
You are supposed to be an extremist if you want to get elected.
You have to be an extremist to care enough to keep other extremists under control.

I know the Brits have a weird thing about being moderate. But the tendency is to be extreme about that too.

For the best part of two parliamentary terms our politicians have warned us of the dangers of extremism. And changed the legislature to ensure that extremists are liable to surveillance and negative PR campaigns.

It is abundantly clear that some forms of violent extremism are undesirable and downright illegal. But its daft to damn all extremists. Let's reinstall extremism at the centre of our society and give it the recognition it so richly deserves.

If you're reading this because it showed up in the content filters and you work for MI5 then have a nice day. Takes one to know one.



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