#DBUC09 report is out – Digital Britain – the people answer back

This has been kicking around for a day or so but if you haven't spotted it yet then here it is. As the Digital Britain process rumbles on – a few hardy souls set up unconferences round the country to debate the issues. This is their brief summary of the issues.

Charles Ledbetter's response is also worth a look.

Interesting exercise in democracy this one. I wonder how much attention the government will pay to it. After all the trivial polls set up on the Downing Street site then how about a real debate?

In summary it would seem the government is trying to focus the question on broadband infrastructure when there's a lot more to think about specifically how to get the population to engage with the emerging uses of the internet. And what to do when it means that the public aren't compliantly filing up to be advertiser fodder or pay their license fees? We aren't going to subsidise the UK motoring industry in perpetuity – despite the dominance of UK media brands on the world stage – I don't see them being protected against the depredations of citizen journalism and user generated content. And this seems to be absent from the Digital Britain report at present. It is all about the hardware when it is the soft and warmware which has turned the UK into a world leader and will be required to keep it there. 



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