Un Herd off

Nomasks Intriguing exercise taking place in Mexico with the outbreak of swine fever. The populace are being encouraged to stay in their homes to slow down the outbreak. They're closing bars, cinemas the transport system is next. But people still have to buy food.  How do they know when the shops will be emptiest?

Here's the rub. If you quarantine people you tend to need crowds of security people to enforce it. Which may only make matters worse. OK so you use mass media to talk to people individually. Encouraging the human herd to stay apart from each other – how do you do that? And to what extent does everyone practice isolation in a herd like way? Or is the idea to break ranks and to do what other people aren't doing – a bit like using satnav and traffic information to drive where no one else has thought of driving? Maybe I am over complicating but it seems to me that what has to be promoted is unherd like behaviour. 



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