Steady Eddy’s gone – another Honda driver bites the dust

Eddie Former head of the Bank of England is gone. Which brought to mind a useless piece of information which as a former planner on the Honda business came into my posession and which I could do nothing with.  The governor of the Bank of England a prudent man used to drive a second hand Accord. Lovely story which these days we could spin onto the web as part of the association with a profoundly sensible (if not dull) car. But in comunications led by advertising there was no place for nuggets of that kind.

Accord I also have an abiding memory of lurking in Frith Street to watch Denis (it'll be all right on the Night) Norden park his Civic. He viewed me with great suspicion thinking I might be trying to nick it. Who wants to steal a Honda? This was another of the minor themes which came up time and again in groups which we couldn't ever use in advertising. How do you promote a car whose owners like the idea that nobody else wants to steal it? 

People and companies have a thousand and one stories. But advertising requires us to limit them to just one. Perhaps I should have been working in PR not advertising. But I remember the frustration of noticing so many things which would have caught and intrigued people who liked Honda's and which we had no way of telling them.



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