Marketing spend: buy low sell high

Susan-boyle-pi.jpgc-itv-image-1-368817678 I've already had cause to mention the amount of time my household has given to watching Britain's got talent, live. repeated, timeshifted and diced and sliced on youtube. Hugely popular. And its just a talent contest. Find someone who is good at something. The best ones of course are the surprises and best of all the underdogs.  Now why can't a brand run a talent contest?  Here's a couple of ideas – find a couple of half built houses. Provide the materials and televise a race to finish them with experts checking the quality of the finish.  Find the average household budget spent on branded products then find out who can spend the same budget to make equivalents from fresh food.  Find Britain's oldest fittest person.  That was less than a minute's thinking.  The irony is that production companies make a fortune from bringing these ideas to market when the brands already have the distribution channels and the reputation. Of course when all the nobodys are temporarily somebodys and have hired representations – only then will brands hire them to endorse or open stores. When the customer engagement has peaked.  This is silly – it doesn't cost a fortune to run a talent contest – though you will need to hold back up to half the budget to promote it.   We're back to paid versus earned versus owned media here. With all the budget going on paid – at premium prices.



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