Insight – converting discovery into momentum

Had an absurdly useful meeting with Pauline Williams and Joanna Chrzanowska to brainstorm training courses to support specialists in customer insight. Second most potent metaphor of the day was the notion of the chemical change required to turn tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge in a client organisation. Prospecting for oil and synthesising it so it becomes commercially useful. Most potent metaphor of the day was the internal combustion engine. Which converts petrol vapour into momentum. Pauline's schtick is the implementation of customer insights inside client organisations. This is almost hidden territory for me as a researcher. I make petrol me – don't often get a chance to shift metal. What we are brewing is a series of courses less about illumination than creating momentum. Drove home from High Wycombe with that Readybrek glow…. I love working with people this good.


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