Gruen Transfer transferring over here..

And Richard Huntingdon's gonna be one of the panel..

I am genuinely baffled by how programmes get selected. There should have been a regular series about advertising, how it is made, how it works years ago. When advertising was a good deal more mainstream than it is now. And we discover that a very successful series has been run on this very topic in Australia. So the BBC is having a punt on piloting the show in the UK. On BBC 3 (minority programming).  Given the amounts spent on advertising and the impact it has on the economy not to mention marketing thinking – this show ought have been on a main network channel. Years ago.  Unless you subscribe to the conspiracy theory that what advertising people do is so clever and devious that it isn't of widespread public interest or might even alarm the public  Here's the Oz website for Gruen Transfer. And if you don't know where to find Richard Huntingdon then shame on you.



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