Between the twin singularities of Good Friday and Easter Sunday the double helix of the universe is spun

Clayman-3  Here comes Holy Week(end), three days and two events
remembered. Christianity reduces to one really interesting idea – that God gets
too involved.  To the extent that
whether divinity or humanity is genetically modified by the other the outcome
is equally outrageous. The concept of the incarnation privileges human beings
above every other species we know. 
Which is hubris of the worst kind or gives us a unique responsibility
for the planet on which we find ourselves.


The event of Good Friday when in considerably less than a
day’s work the Son of God mysteriously unpicks all the evil that has or ever will
be committed by dying on a cross in a shabby corner of the Roman Empire. And
the event of Easter Sunday when death and decay is rubbed out in a way which
promises the remaking of the whole of the created order. These are not modest
claims. But they are not naïve ones either.


Forgive the rant but I am frustrated by the widespread ignorance
of the implications of the simple idea behind Christianity. And the perception
that this represents a crude port of obscure writings from nomadic tribes in
the Middle East. Or worse a bizarre 3 decker extension to the American Dream
where God lives on the top storey, speaks Jacobean English and obsesses over
single issue politics.  The concept of
God becoming human has been foundational to every aspect of European and Middle
Eastern life: law, politics, science, art, and philosophy. John Gray has shown
that secular humanism has borrowed virtually all of its ideas about what it is
to be human while denying the Christian story from which it came. The idea of
the Godman is two thousand year old and has been tried against every
philosophical and religious system it has encountered and is still
substantively unchanged.


The viral form which Christianity took: no holy places,
language or culture has meant that it has continued to cross cultural
boundaries and take unique forms in every ethnic group it has encountered.
Mutating without losing its simple central idea. The birth, death and
resurrection of Jesus was no colonial incursion. And colonial powers who have
tried to usurp the story have found that their subject peoples have absorbed
the idea and threw it back at them.

These two events are singularities. Which means they cannot
like any other singularities be observed and dissected. This does not make them
merely subjective. We cannot observe the Big Bang but we can measure the
outcome.  Christianity makes the
outrageous claim that this person and these events are central to the
construction of everything. They are not just religious events.

When religionists invoke the holy they normally wave people away. Its too late. God already got involved. The invitation this Holy Week(end) is to get right up close. And plunge our hands into the living divine clay.



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