Act of creation: Fyfe Dangerfield & Natalie Clein on Front Row

Fyfe Here's the link to the Tuesday Front Row iplayer. This got me grinning from ear to ear driving round the M25 at 7.30 last night (no mean feat). It was supposed to be a joint interview with Fyfe Dangerfield of the Guillemots who had been commissioned to write a 5 minute solo piece by the cellist Natalie Clein. Due to be performed for the first time at the Bridgewater Hall Manchester on Thursday 30th. And Natalie Clein.

Only it turned out that Fyfe hasn't heard the whole thing played yet. And they were due to meet today (Wednesday) to do the final rehearsal.

Natalie-Clein-wallpaper-300 Egged on by John Wilson Natalie Clein cello in hand leaped straight into some of the details of the piece. So what we get is a live exploration of an unpremiered work by performer and composer. Quite extraordinary. It is as if briefly they forgot we were listening. This sort of thing only works on radio. On TV it would look contrived. And it shows vividly how performers stretch the composer by showing techniques of which they are unaware. And how a composer can direct a performer in subtleties which the score cannot portray. One direction was to play like a flopping Egyptian mummy. If you want to hear creativity at work wrap your ears round this while it is still streaming.  Oh and check out the Guillemots whil you are at it. Little bear is my favourite so far.

Oh and if you're in Manchester you could always go along tomorrow night and hear the whole thing!



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