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Is posted here Day 1 and Day 2. I have been sub edited a tad but the substance is there. For as it happened you would have to review my twitter freed. The blog stays outside the corporate ice for a month then folds inside so only WARC subscribers can read it. This is the 3rd consecutive year I have blogged the conference which either makes me inordinately sad or reasonably well briefed on the development of online research (prob. somwhere between the two). Its not the only online conference I attend but provides a valid cross section. And after 3 years the changes are very notable. The first one managed to pass without anybody mentioning Facebook once!  6 months later it was a different story.

Its a useful online conference because it has a foot in both worlds. A lot of internet marketing is incomprehensible because the terminology and thinking doesn't map easily onto offline marketing. This isn't clever – you can't advance unless you can integrate the new tools within the context of the older ones.  Research manages to look forwards and backwards constantly – perhaps more than it should but that's researchers for you.  So there have been some wise observations made about social media and mercifully little gobbledegook about new paradigms.



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