Too busy to blog?

Uh fraid yes. Last week in Romania and this week so far at the Market Research society conference I couldn't stop to fire up a laptop. Blame the iphone.  This week I elected to twitter the conference as best I could but had probs because the conference was underground so there was no mobile signal. Fortunately I got the codes for the wifi network so could tweet out but was getting thrown off that every 5 minutes so eventually I had to give that up as a bad job. A reminder that always on communications is actually very difficult and that you need to be a bit of a geek to get it to work. Too many disconnected players trying to monetise in a way that just isn't helfpul. Where are we going to get seamless internet access between networks as we do across phone carriers for voice?

I will endeavour to do a back fill but I am off to Spain on Saturday so it doesn't look propitious.



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