Research on and off, sync and async

Just to record that on Thursday and Friday along with Joanna Chrzanowska I was running a training session in online research for 10 researchers. We sold out the first course in minutes and have 2 other courses full so it must be tapping a chord. We teach the course online so participants don't leave their desks.  I was taking a brief for a new project oop north on Friday so was forced to attend on the train – hunting for a seat, a table and a power socket – and using my mobile phone to access the internet. Which meant a bumpy start getting into the online chatroom we using for the first part of the training. And meant I dropped out at the end when the mobile went into a dead patch. Demonstrating vivdly the uncertainties of attempting live linkups . But it still mostly worked and Joanna did a cracking job showing how to use projectives in an live online environment

Coming down on the train on Saturday morning. I discovered a much more secure way of logging on using the trains own wifi system. Which allowed me to check the bulletin board where we ran the second part of the training: aynchronous use of the internet where participants can take as long as they like and keep posting and debating for months on end. Its a much richer environment and useful to see how you can keep participating easily wherever you are. I didn't try posting on the mobile though that would have been viable too.  Its a far cry from getting on a train half the day to run face to face groups half the evening. Me I was socialising with friends on Friday night – the comparatively leisurely life of the online researcher!



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