Ratting on bad hotels

I have clicked backwards and forwards to try to locate the original ad but without result. So instead of the large rat dominating the page you'll just have to put up with a dead cockroach. If I were a hotel then I would be more than mildly aggrieved that my content was targeted by negative images of bad hotels. But there you have it. And yes I clicked through and found a list of the worst UK ones. With an invite to sample something rather better. But its rather tough for the hotel category to have to endure this kind of bombing. Do we want to see crash victims scare alongside car reviews etc etc. The absence of regulation means that the field is wide open. And I have to say of all the ads I saw today. Not many not nearly enough, this one stood out. I even went back looking for it. But it didn't make me feel good about hotels. Product 1 Category nil.



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