All change

Just a reminder in these cash strapped times to change all your suppliers because they will overcharge you if you don't. We of course pride ourselves in this country on marketing sophistication. We can build merge and rebuild brands at the drop of a hat. But it doesn't mean a whole lot because apparently what generates even more margin than branding is inertia – handing over money on direct debit in return for not very much at all. In the last 12 months we have changed our utilities supplier, our mortgage and now our main insurance policies because the one you're with… well don't love them because they're trying to milk you. The interesting thing is I don't want to shop around – programmed to be loyal.

Which means that as far as service brands are concerned they need to work on the rebound – I won't do to you what the last brand did. A currency which must surely devalue over time.  This isn't intended to be a rant. Its just ironic that in all the nonsense that's talked about brand value there's a bitter truth. If you want to stay with the same supplier then you must expect to pay a premium. If you want value then keep switching. I'm hugely tempted to moralise but I won't. Apparently this irrational state of affairs is good for business. So just you go changin'.



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