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A startling idea which emerged from a discussion I had this evening with Romanita Oprea of Campaign Romania, Irina Acostachioaitei and Paul Paul Kasprovschi of Mercury who were my hosts for the evening. TV blooopers are an established programme genre. Offcuts and deleted scenes are a staple for DVDs. So why not provide bloopers and offcuts for TV commercials. A classic structure is showing one take after another. Perfect for repetitive showing where the audience is engaged to spot the blooper or the difference from the 'official' version. If it takes 5 exposures plus to get noticed then why not do it in one go? Pure genius. Various formats: show the original with url link to the bloopers on youtube. Show the bloopers on the TV network out of hours and train the audience to look for them. Set up a blooper IPTV channel. First agency to use it as a creative idea execution gets a Cannes Gold surely? What are you waiting for?



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