Standing down to make the world safer

 Stella Rimington former head of MI5 has called for us to repeal some of the security measures and legislation because it will make the world safer.  In other words our attempts to protect ourselves are making us less safe and creating the very terrorism it was designed to support.

It has also helped to bring into the mainstream the notion of state based terrorism and to consider that the UK is one of those states flouting international law and breaking human rights and expecting to get away with it. Except that it only makes matters worse – it inspires terrorism.

It takes more courage to put a gun down than to pick up another one just in case. In the Gunfighter Gregory Peck finds his reputation as a gunslinger is part of the problem. There is another western whose name I can't recall where the only way the gunslinger escapes is to stage his death, put his gun in the coffin and to create a new identity for himself.

The UK can hardly do that. But our leaders need the courage to disarm – politically its much easier to ramp up security and pass more laws. Seeing as how this posting is being monitored maybe we can get some traction on this from those who monitor us. I just wanted to record note that all the surveillance isn't solving the problem. It is the problem.



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