the strength to do nothing

I confess I am getting fed up with the incessant briefing by the government as they try to demonstrate that they have the economic situation under control (they don't) and that they're doing all the right things (we have no idea yet)  It reminds me when I was working on a hill farm in New Zealand and had one of the scariest experiences of my life sliding sideways down a steep slope just as the sun was going down. I put my foot on the accelerator to try to drive my way out of it – with the engine roaring and wheels spinning I came to a halt with a drop of another 100 yards before the slope evened out.

I got out in one piece but I have never forgotten my bosses comment. Which was that he switched off the engine and waited until the car stopped.  The logic being that accelerating would make little or no difference and might mean you hit the bottom of the gully sooner with more deadly consequences. So I think of Cliff sliding down the hillside – hillfarming is a hazardous activity. And doing nothing. Which I don't think I'd have the guts to do.

I wonder if all this political activity – printing money – making up jobs is any more productive – has this stopped anything yet? Maybe time reach for the ignition keys. But I know that's something no policitian would dare to be seen doing.



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