Rights and responsibilities of sick people: lets take a constitutional

Our government published a constitution today. For health.Interesting because the UK prides itself on NOT having a constitution so this must be a first.  We have rights as sick people. Which is good. But we have responsiblities as well. I carelessly assumed that this involved getting well as soon as is humanly possible. But our political overlords want more. Apparently I'm also responsible for staying healthy in the first place. Otherwise… well that isn't clear.  (I'm paying taxes for this kind of nonsense)

Abigail is sick this morning so can't go to school – clearly she has failed in her responsibility to avoid flu. If I was the government I would refuse her Nurofen for breaking her constitutional obligation to be healthy. Its tough being a satirist as the satirist Ian Hislop says regularly. . Because real life throws up more stupidity than you can ever invent. If you don't believe me listen to it here! The health secretary has also come up with a new phrase: the broccoli police. He won't send them round if you have a fry up. Clearly he'd like to.  Enough now! 



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