Off piste to Babylon

Went to the Babylon exhibition in the British Museum today and really enjoyed it. A very interesting blend of material looking at the development of the Babylonian myth in European art on the one hand – the bible stories of Babylon in the 5th century BC and the archaeological material. Finished by reports from today – apparently the US army have stuck a camp right on top of the site so are busy damaging it even further.  I knew the biblical material pretty well and it was interesting how accurate that was even though so much of it was jumbled up – attributions to wrong kings. It was a vivid reminder that we can't apply the same standards of 'truth' as required by contemporary journalists or lawyers – its not fabrication but taking a literal view on these texts is dangerous.  It gave me a fresh appreciation of this period of biblical material – put together by a refugee people who have to make sense of a national catastrophe and continue to interpret contemporary events at the highest level through their religious tradition. I also discovered that Nebuchadnezzar built the tower of babel. Obscure stuff folks but really interesting to me.

I have the domain name for hotel babylon for reasons I shan't bore you with – nothing to do with the UK TV series of the same name but based on some writing I have done. One day I shall post the website for the Hotel Babylon but in the mean time here's the original image I took from the Crown Plaza hotel in Amman and what I mutated it it to using the wonders of Photoshop Elements. That's enough on the subject of Babylon for now!



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