National Geographic concept store

I used my iphone for these pictures (hence the abysmal quality). National Geographic has set up a world first concept store in Lower Regent Street – 3 floors of olde worlde brass and rainforest timber and smiling staff every 50 yards. It is costing them a bomb to fit out and to run. I had a look at the Goretex outdoor wear which at £300 a go is within the reach of eurotrash and Russian oligarchs but not US tourists or the rest of us I fear. I am very impressed that they chose now to open such a store very clever or immensely stupid I can't figure out why. I can only assume that the business case is for selling a lot and I mean a lot of magazine subs. I think they had better put the subscriptions up.

Its a reminder of the kind 'from our American correspondent from the first half of the 20th century' – Truman Capote collides with the Great Gatsby. As if globalisation never happened and the world was an object rich American men went and stared at then went and rolled their globes in their libraries. Very odd.




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