How much is enough?? TV advertising hits 42 a day PP

I'm really not calling for a ministry of commercial propaganda. But I can't help being disturbed when Thinkbox trumpets that TV adwatching is increasing faster than the amount of TV we're watching. Apparently in the UK we each watched 42 ads a day last year.

Now there's politics aplenty going on here. We are expecting digital spending to overtake TV spend by the end of 2009 – so a press release reminding us that TV by what ever delivery channel is still everybody's favourite is a little like Custer's last stand.

But in an economic climate whose uncertainty has largely come about because the bursting of a financial bubble am I alone in worrying that advertising media are in the process of creating another one. Attention is already a commodity in very short supply – so shouldn't there be more focus on less advertising which is more involving?  If I find these mindboggling statistics hard to believe – it isn't because I worry that the figures are bogus but am concerned that advertisers are getting less and less value for money – what levels of recall can an advertiser expect? Not as high as last year or the year before.

Social media is still trendy and on the way to paying for itself but its great merit lies in people choosing what interests them. I think the word engagement should be banned from use in connection with advertising. I get engaged in those things that I choose to watch – not when I am a captive viewer. Trying to increase the volume of TV watched and the volume of advertising – is like trying to grow spam. Its pissing in the pool – spoiling it for everyone else. 

Simon Andrews of Mindshare blogged about it here.



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