Family meet – some images

3 images from a family get together – the first being a light sabre guard detail as my nephews protected my son in the shower (no lock on the door). This seemed a useful redirection of testosterone – they did a great job making sure no one else went in.

Many years ago I made a box with a plaster of paris landscape for my kid brother who handed it onto my youngest kid brother. And now it is handed on to the nephews. Some of the soldiers are over 30 years old I guess! As we got it out and put together all the pieces I had forgotten how much I crammed in – the beach for sea assaults, the estuary and jetty, the sand dunes with trench network, the ruined town, the dam and climbing wall, the hill for meeting up with the partisans, plus the landing strip. And finally the two gun emplacements (Airfix 1972!!). Memory is such a pleasure when it is reawakened fresh after many years.

Lastly I took over a kids toy DJing outfit a DM2 which my daughter used to teach the same nephews the rudiments of throwing samples together and mashing up.  Lovely!



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