Willie Williams, Lumia Domestica and the uncreated light

 Dropped into an exhibition by Willie Williams. You may not have heard of him but you know his work. If he didn't actually think of Zoo TV on those amazing U2 tours then at least he had to execute it.


So given a space in a small church in the heart of the City of London round the corner from Liverpool Street, what does one of the world's top lighting designers do? Well – take a collection of glass vases, jugs and cake trays – the kind of awful kitsch paraphernalia you can find in any junk shop. And pour light through them.  A wonderful metaphor to my mind for human beings -  broken reflections but shot through with the uncreated light. At least that's what I took out of the show. The pieces are moving all the time so my crappy iphone capture doesn't of course capture it, nor the sound. But isn't that the whole concept of the exhibition? Though I recorded the sound for later – I'll think of something to do with it. And you'll have to make do with my crappy images – because the exhibition finished today. Here's a film clip of Willie talking about the ideas behind the exhibition. And go and look at the other images I have uploaded in an album.



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