Stitch up

I'm getting there. The canopy of social media channels is getting denser by the day. One response is to stick to one channel rigidly. Another is to link your channels together so that when you post on one it copies to the others. So I am engaged in stitching together my various channels. Eventually I hope that wherever I post that it is aggregated on google, yahoo's mybloglog, friendfeed, and facebook.  Which ought to amplify the effect. Of course the other response is not to do it at all but I don't think that's really an option.  King Canute stayed in his chair when the tide came in. The moral is not that he should have walked away but that he should have called for a boat. If you're not using the social media channels then I strongly advise you to get afloat. And consider aggregation to make sure you don't get overwhelmed. 



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