An ad I want to keep – maps vs single product promotions

It was in this week's issue of the Week magazine – that wonderful compendium of all the news and comment you don't have time to read everywhere else. This was a 2 page advertorial about whisky which was selling several of the classic malts with a 10% discount. But the fun part was the whisky map which featured about 25 malt whiskies not all of them owned by the advertiser. The advertiser is Diageo which is rather well concealed (and I'm not sure why) gets much bigger billing.

Why is this ad so keepable? Because if I'm interested in whisky (and I am) promoting the category and showing me what I might like to try next is a lot more interesting than a range ad featuring several different malts or even one of those classic ads saying Drink me and trying to come up with some reasons.  Mebbe its time we made less ads and made more maps for those who like me want to go out and explore. I enclose a photo of Dalwhinnie – my current tipple – according to the Whisky Map one of the lightest – because it is brewed at the highest altitude in the Highlands. I know that because I visited the distillery myself. Now where's my compass?



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