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Really interesting documentary on last night featuring interviews with Bazz Luhrman and his team -  firstly because it seemed such a tight core working on Strictly Come Dancing, Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and now this Australia epic (funded to promote tourism – oh and its also a great movie apparently). The other thing I took out of it was their creative focus. There was genuine fear that as they went after the musical  and the Shakspeare remake as genres that these would be commercial disasters – as professoinals they knew the risks. But their instinct was to focus on getting the creative idea right and the perception that this was the only thing that mattered – they genuinely didn't have a clue about what would be commercially successful and seemed genuinely surprised when commercial success happened. But it wasn't their priority. Clearly the money men weren't being interviewed. If they were truthful the insight was that to be commercially successful that kind of success had to be secondary. Creativity was at the heart of it. Oh and that Baz's creative leadership was essential – you need a leader to maintain that kind of focus. And I suspect to raise that kind of money.



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