Future is mobile

Last night I had an evening of techy talk with Matt Pattman who sorts out my websites and keeps me from insanity. We were planning how to evolve the planningaboveandbeyond site onto a mobile platform. Why would we want to do that? Because increasingly mobile deals allow free browsing – so the mobile browser is set to become all important.  I don't think we'll spend much time browsing websites on our phones. But seeing as how I have a directory of agency addresses which could potentially be integrated with maps on a mobile there's all sorts of practical uses for content on Planning Above and Beyond which you might need. So my thinking at present is to concentrate on designing the site first and foremost for the mobile and of course to maintain the desktop variation. That way you have the option. Dunno how soon it can happen. I think I may need to invest in an iphone so I can start to test the browsers on different phones.



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