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Iphonehome Well I've taken delivery of the iphone. And the obsession is starting to kick in.. Getting something new is always interesting because first impressions are so important – and when first impressions fade they are often forgotten. The iphone is like a bucket and spade for the beach. Terribly usable but not very practical.   I know I am going to get shouts of complaints for saying this, and yes it  may be because I've only just got my hands on one and in a week I will think and know different. But for example from my Nokia I could just post an image to a blog. It doesn't look as if I can do that here. I can't review a powerpoint file – I have to turn it into a pdf or a movie. And of course I can't make or send videos from the camera.

Now that's not to say the iphone isn't a pleasure to use and fiddle about with. It is. But despite all the talk of being 5 years ahead of everything else – what we have here is addictive design – not necessarily improved utility. Obsessing over an object for the sheer pleasure of using it is fetishistic behaviour.

Sticky design sells more phones than utlity. I can already see how much phone design is converging on the iphone model. Which means that in a couple of years phones will look more similar than they do today. But they won't necessarily work much better. Will the googlephone pick up the standard on utility I wonder. For the sake of the market and choice I rather hope they do.



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