Function over form

Bought a watch today after looking for what seems over a year. I’d wanted to spend a reasonable amount of money on it – watches can be jewellery after all. But what I couldn’t find was a watch which would clearly tell the time – the primary function of a watch. Particularly in workshops you need to be able to manage time. And the more expensive watches get the harder they are to read. Try it out yourself. Its as if to add value the designers have to add complexity. Why couldn’t I buy an expensive watch which was readable? Couldn’t find one.  So I had to wait until I was in  seaside town where the economy is dependent on people dropping a little money while on their holidays. The jeweller started me on a £10 watch and I wound up with one at £20 with a 2 year guarantee I neither wanted nor needed. But readable! At this price point you can’t find watches for sale on the internet because the delivery costs are so high they don’t bother trying to sell them. So I couldn’t even get this on the internet.

Somehow this feels like the opposite of marketing. To have to wait and go to a particular place to buy a watch cheap enough to do what a watch is supposed to do.  Because the majority of products don’t deliver. So for now I’m a happy camper. The watch shown above isn’t the one – but makes the point quite well – legible but cheap. Let me know if you find legible and expensive..



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