Back again..its July time

I can’t believe a whole month went by without posting but there you have it.  So much has happened that June seems rather a blur now.

I’ve started working on the introduction to account planning – but discovered what a slow process writing can be.

I have been continuing with distance teaching of students in Madrid. And actually got to Madrid to meet those studying there only to discover that the rest  are scattered around the world in Latin America mostly. I was in Madrid to run a training course on Insight the second training course of the month.

I was going to tell you that Jon Steel got flooded out in Somerset. But the moment passed.

I blogged the Diversity in Focus MRS conferenc for WARC which you can read here for the next month before it disappears behind corporate walls for subscribers only.

I never made it to Interesting 2008 - I was rehearsing for playing the Leigh on Sea folk festival which happened last weekend so it has been a bit of a musical month.

Did a bit of a teach in on Analysis and Interpretation of research. Which was a useful reminder to me also of how critical these components are to good research and how invisible they can be to clients.

Can’t remember if I told you that my two articles on Web 2.0 and Planning after 40 years are on the website. But they won’t be there much longer so go and download them or get a subscription to WARC!



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