The Muslims are taking over.. really?

A bit of a dust up today – Ruth Gledhill has written a piece in the Times about the Muslims outnumbering Chrsitian churchgoers by 2035.  About the time we’ll be planting colonies on Mars and driving flying cars. I know I sound facetious but a lot can happen in 30 years. We just had a million immigrants arrive in this country in the last 2-3 years – and their arrival has dented the church decline figures – why? Because a lot of them were more fervent Christians than those already here.  There are churches in London with literally thousands of members.

The real story is I believe a little different – for a generation we have had trumpetings about a multifaith society – which basically meant a secular society with room for people to practice their faith privately. Publicly we were supposed to agree that all religions lead to the top of the mountain despite the evidence that aside from Buddhism – no world religion at its core had that axiom. Multifaith is poppycock – there never was a public consensus on this just goodwill and good manners for other religionists who were as passionate about their beliefs as we were. The interesting thing is that religion has invaded the public sphere in its raw and undiluted form. I don’t mean fanatics and bigots – I mean that it is OK to express ones faith in public and its not a declaration of war on anyone who happens to disagree with you.  What is my basis for this? The same publication used in this article to say that the Muslims are taking over aka the Times was used last December in the Sunday Telegraph to show that the Catholics are taking over. Whose right? You know with a threshold of 30 years I really don’t know and I don’t care. What interests me much more is that for the last couple of hundred years it didn’t make any sense any religious group taking over. Because it didn’t matter – secularism ruled. But now it does.



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