oh pulease! Pulp fiction and the Burma cyclone

Can the news media just get on with reporting that there has been a cyclone in Burma and a lot of people have died. So we need to help. Can the media stop writing  nonsense about the Burmese government which is irrelevant to the story.  It is a savage reminder that most of our news stories are constructed as crude morality tales. Let me give you some titbits. The Burmese government is incompetent because they didn’t tell anyone that the cyclone was coming so that people could be better prepared – How ? On low lying land close to water with wooden houses and 100mph winds?  The Burmese government is ‘suspicious’ – which is why it didn’t ask for aid straight away. They are ‘secretive’ which is why they can’t tell us how many people have died. They are manipulative because they plan to run referendum within a week while the country is still disrupted (haven’t we been calling for more democracy in Burma?)

And to cap it all Barbara Bush is has joined the chorus pleading with the Burmese authorities to accept US aid. Two words for you Barbara: New. Orleans.



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