Wii gets Iplayer

The Iplayer has been one of the success stories of 2008. If you can’t be bothered to programme a VCR then just head over to the BBC website and you can download programmes within 7 days and you then have up to 28 days to watch them – a neat trick to stop you tape loads of programme and never getting around to watching them. We download Dr Who pretty regularly in this household and I have used it to watch things I never would have bothered to watch in the programming stream – Goldfrapp and a fantastic narrowcast on the history of the harp.

Iplayer is a killer app for the BBC and could prove to be the same for the Wii. Xbox and Playstation seem firmly stuck in gaming territory – profitable but not mass market.  Iplayer offers Wii a ticket to the big time. No ads either. DammBbciplayer_2



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