Quality time

Having been away for a few days – I did my best to spend some time with each of the children. The 10 year old proved the hardest nut to crack. When I offered to ‘hang around’ with her she retorted What sort of an adult  wants to hang around with a ten year old kid? The 10 year old’s parent I offered? She wasn’t having any of it.

So since I clearly wasn’t leaving she opted to write me a message in number code – which was less than complimentary.  Nothing daunted I wrote her a post it note in number code  and stuck it on the ladder of her bunk bed.  I later found it annotated and abandoned. The observant among you will spot that the post it note had been turned into a paper plane.  She did make sure however to tell me how cheesy and obvious my message was.
So it couldn’t have been all bad…



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