Brands and what lies behind them…

I was running a branding workshop today for a research agency – service brands are always a very different kettle of fish because you need to get to grips with the culture -otherwise you are stuck with generic best of breed service yada yada yada. To get the ball rolling I showed these  pictures of Carol Smillie the TV presenter as permitted by her publicity agent. And then one of her as captured by Hello magazine – Carol on the beach without the benefit of the airbrush. Then Carol back in the 1980s trying to make it as a glamour model.  So many attempts at brand onions start with the brand image which is like pointing a mirror at a mirror. A service brand has to be true to what it actually is before you can get to work with the airbrush and start carving off lovehandles. Service brands are no different.


We used this as an exercise to think about what the agency was capable of when it started and what it is capable of now.   As a footnote I had to work SO hard trying to find the alternative images of Carol. Clearly her agents take the trouble to sweep the web and remove material like this. Because its bad for her image <sigh>



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