Word of Mouth How to Workshop and Macatholicism

Flockofpowerbooks Today I was blogging at the the Word of Mouth Association’s how to workshop. And very interesting it was too. You can find the full blog posted on the WARC website which will be open I think for another month for you to read even if you’re not a WARC subscriber.  Word of mouth is an amusing topic because it is so endemic to human behavious you can’t but get very self conscious about it. Even to lunchtime and whether saying you’re going to have pudding tips over everyone else to say what the hell I was going to have pudding anyway. You’ll be relieved to know that at the workshop bloggers got a lousy profile as influencerrs – lots to say (high traffic) but no one takes them seriously (low authority)

But there was a lovely example of a tipping point I though I would share with you.  Look at the flock of Mac Powerbooks by the power socket. Anyone attending a conference with a laptop gets there eariy these days to hunt for power. I managed to get to pole position. But I was amused to discover that in our laptop pod there were 2 Vaios and 3 Mac Powerbooks taking turns to share the power.  Of the 3 with Macs all had been bought within the last 3 months, 1 by a confirmed Mac user but the other two were bought by former PC users and 1 was running windows under VMLs virtual machine so could do Windows XP seamlessly in a Mac environment.  Hardly a robust sample but Apple must be selling a truckload of Powerbooks these days. How many of these are captured rather than retained sales. Have all the uber cool of planet Mac and you can still keep a toe in PC land. I had further proof of this afterwards when I dropped by the Apple store round the corner and discovered that every day at 6 they run a workshop for PC users converting to Macatholicism. Lucky you’re not going to take this alarming trend as an influence on you because I’m just a blogger :-)



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