More ponderings on publishing

Eatingforengland_2 Now here’s a thing. I have a book by Nigel Slater called Eating for England. Which is a great read. But what to do about copyright? So here’s me reading an extract all about Toblerone.

Download tobleronenigelslater.MP3

Something to chew on – Am I stealing from the author by reading out his work? If I had copied and pasted the text would that be theft? Should the publisher send me a writ or a cheque for promoting their work? Or should we split the commission and jointly invoice Toblerone? This is the problem content publishers have – what exactly is their product and how do they monetise it? At the moment the attempt to define what a text is leads to silly anomalies. But without the publisher would I ever have found the text? How much is that worth – a finders fee?

Check out this website for a very different feel to what a publisher’s natural territory is. Is this about selling books, promoting authors or creating involvement in the process of writing? Toblerone_mini4_4



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