Birthday saga

And a full morning in church. I had to make my vows publicly in front of the congregation in 2 services. Tony my vicar decided I might as well get into harness so I led both services. Robed for the first but for the second only long enough to take my vows. Which pleased the more traditional congregation and freaked out the more progressive one. Robes are double edged sword – it is very odd wearing them – it gives me strange impulses to perform strange and peculiar quasi ecclesiastic gestures. An impulse I resist. Now I understand why there is so much play acting in church – supply the costume….

The best part of the second service comes when I help the children to lead the singing songs which they know and which they have to help the adults with. Normally the children go out and sing by themselves, Our music in recent month has been dance led – involving vigorous actions which leave me gasping for breath. We have been making such a lot of noise in the hall out side of the church that adults have been sneaking out since Christmas to join in. Today Palm Sunday when the children scandalised the priests in the temple in the Bible story by racing around waving palm branches and yelling and shouting it is a great time to have them lead the church. The effect is pretty much instantaneous – and the grownups ‘get it’. Pandemonium ensues. My favourite service for a long time.

Salsalesson My family took me out for a pub lunch. And then for a muddy walk by our local river, This turned out to be a subterfuge to get me out of the way to set up a surprise party in the church. There were over 100 people there friends locally and family from all over the country. My brother who DJs acid jazz and latin in Newquay and Plymouth had set up his decks in the church.  Then came the high point – a mass Salsa lesson with over 100 participants, boys down one side and girls down the other. A wonderful picture of heaven where the music is also dansable and divine!  My family had prepared a Powerpoint presentation of images, 6 presenters – my 3 siblings on the one side and my 3 children on the other – these were dressed as teachers and gave a presentation of my life drawing heavily on school reports. I survived the embarrassment.  The scariest moment was a faked wellwisher’s call from a former French assistante who let us say had expressed more than a passing interest in me at the time when I left school. An unforgettable day for which I was so grateful to everyone. 



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