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I had a meeting at Intercontinental hotels with Nick Barton who I hadn’t seen since I had debriefed a European project on the future of Holiday Inns nearly 2 years ago. It was a hectic 6 week chase around Europe to do a 3 country study. And I met the Director of Marketing  and the new Director of Research and insight. It was a mutual catch up – I told them what I had been up to. And they told me what they had done with the research we had done for them.  This almost never happens and it is such a pleasure to find that a piece of work that has taken a chunk of one’s life has been used well and repeatedly within an organisation. The new concept had even been put into a piece of print so I have a souvenir! Thoroughly satisfying. Full marks to them and can I urge every client reading this to do the same. It really gives the researchers the motivation to work even harder next time if they can be confident that their work will really make a difference.



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