When I don’t want to be interupted by ads…

is in the middle of a charge towards the German trenches in the battle of Loos. Rudyard Kipling’s son played by Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe is about to cop a packet creating a lifetime of guilt and regret for his writer parent. There’s mud and blood and guts. And then we cut to a tasteful food shot courtesy of Sainsbury’s the sponsor. Followed by Guinness new ad – very nice and the spectacular 1950s pastiche Christmas extravaganza for M&S a lovely piece of work. But clearly the media planners were hunting a good slug of audience. It just felt wrong – this is Remembrance day – I really didn’t have the stomach for celebratory advertising. At the battle of big thinking one of the speakers described media planners as big game hunters trying to bag their share of the 400 ratings available on any typical month. I think we can expect many more such clumsy moments – when the audience is intermittent – expect all the big brands to elbow their way to the front – whatever you happen to be watching. Shame on you.



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