Doppelganger will the real John Griffiths stand up?

I’m really not looking over my shoulder here but on the web your identity is to an extent shared (or should that be sharded) across those with the same name promoting all sorts of other activities.

John Griffiths on groundhog day -

John Griffiths and tuba playing  though I’m afraid I’ve just missed him – there’s something a little whimsical about a tuba player’s death being ascribed to ‘valve failure’ don’t you think?

John Griffiths theorbo player

John Griffiths aka E-griff

John Griffiths Neuroscientist oops there’s two of those even a professor

Not forgetting the politician the one in the Welsh Assembly – there’s a Nigel Griffiths in Westminster not to be confused with my brother Nigel….

My favourite for now – John Griffiths conceptual artist. How many people visiting this art installation might actually think that we were one and the same person?

This really is me  courtesy of the blog in Romania

those of you with more time on your hands than you should have,  try your own names in googlist  Its  thoroughly disorientating!



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