What a lovely morning – the net is alive… with the sound of cheering and backslapping after the APG awards.  I just thought I’d post the only pic I have of the Burnetts planning department (the lineup has changed a little now). The atmosphere in Burcharest must be close to fever pitch waiting for Elena to touch down and return in triumph to the agency. When they first showed me round the agency I was shown the meeting rooms each named after an advertising award and with a shelf ful of them. The Cannes room was empty  until last July but was set up anyway to spur them on. And a great environment in which to present work to clients. Imagine looking over the client’s shoulder as he tries to water down the creative idea and look at that award getting further away by the minute. Now it seems they will have to set up another meeting room called the APG to house the 2 APG awards they won last night.

I was on their blog this morning and spotted this series of virals which had been put together to encourage a higher standard of creativity for a creative award competition for students. The creative idea – Send the judges some decent ads please because they don’t want to have to wade through a pile of s***. Simple, cheap and quick to make and executed with aplomb – the faces and the location look familiar – the guy hurling the dead lamb is Bogdan the creative director. It’s not every creative director you’ll find flinging a dead sheep around in front of the office.  A nice example of the creative energy I’ve discovered every time I’ve visited Bucharest.



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