McGregor and Boorman: the buddy road movie starts again

The first episode of the next Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman epic kicked off tonight as they set off for a 15 thousand mile ride from John O’Groats to Cape Town.  Compulsive viewing. I don’t know who writes the storyline but these boys are so watchable because they manage to create crises out of very litle while maintaining an air of being resolutely normal – as if one of them being one of the most recognisable and bankable Hollywood stars wasn’t a factor. So on the one hand we had crisis number 1 Ewan’s wife fancies joining them on the trip on a MOTORCYCLE – she’s never ridden one before. Testing their friendship to the limit of course. Then Ewan breaks his leg on Shepherd’s Bush roundabout so has to miss out on a last skiing holiday (nobody seemed to think it odd that going skiing just before a huge journey with a load of sponsorship money at stake is probably a lot dodgier than riding your motorbike through Shepherd’s Bush.  They  got their visas for Libya with hours to spare but the Americans can’t get in. Then Charlie doesn’t make it on the plane because he says bomb to the security people at the airport.  On the normal side they managed to drop in on Ewan’s parents in Crieff – obviously not as far from Glencoe as I had thought – this trip was swaying from side to side of Scotland and just took you with it waiting for the next thrill or spill.

This is great content creation – because that’s exactly what it is – loads of namechecks for the sponsors providing the bikes and the clothing with great storylines to keep you engaged.  Much more interesting than advertising. Why don’t more agencies create content like this? Because the business model is plain wrong – we just wouldn’t get paid enough money for making it. 



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