Wanna set of brand tarot cards? I’m dealing

BrandtarotBrandtarot_2  John Grant’s most recent book is the brand innovation manifesto which features a table of innovation ideas that can be used by brands. They have been turned into a pack of cards which you can use in workshops and by yourself. To date John has had lots of enquiries and no success in taking money and sending them out.

So he’s asked me to sort it.  And at last I’ve managed to. Planningaboveandbeyond.com goes ecommerce enabled – you’ll need paypal.  Point your browsers at www.planningaboveandbeyond.com and head for the shop. The URL will take you straight there.  a pack of cards will cost you £25 including VAT and postage and packing. I’ve used them in workshops meself and they’re worth every penny. Though buying a copy of the book might help as well. So I’ve shown you how to do that and there’s also a video interview with John Grant on the same webpage talking about the book and the cards. And I attach a jpeg of the table of elements to whet your appetite. When you’re using the cards you don’t want to be fooling with the book.



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