Identity Freud

This is a terrible confession to make and really I haven’t done it in ever so long. But last night I googled John Griffiths and discovered that I had 2 entries in the top 10. One for the website and one for this blog. Must be August. Will posting this item get me promoted even furth I wonder? Anyway looking around the top 10 I discovered egriff – and have had an exchange with another John Griffiths – who in his time has met a few other John Griffiths including one called John griffiths 6 -apparently BT had so many John Griffiths (another mention for the search engine) that they numbered them all. It is all rather weird. I’m not used to having alter egos and of course I don’t. But the thing about the internet is that we’re all wanting a piece of the same identity. You can’t type in I want John Griffiths you know the one who shared a flat with Phil in 1994 – and get anything very coherent out of Google. So alongside the oedipus complex I think we should posit the google same name complex.



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