Ginni Valentine crowned research revolutionary

Ginni Tonight there was an award ceremony for Ginni who had topped the poll as a research revolutionary. She was chuffed to bits having beaten off some stiff competition. As some one murmured to me as we gathered at the Edinburgh Castle in Camden – we’ve got royalty in tonight.  And so it proved. Wendy Gordon and Gill Ereaut spoke about the contribution Ginni has made to the market research industry. Fiona Blades presided over the ceremonies. When it was Ginni’s turn to speak she said how much she had appreciated getting this kind of recognition unofficial as it was. She praised the idea behind the Set Reseach free fringe as the politicising of research which was long overdue. She also paid tribute to her marxist aunty who was still thinking radical thoughts in her mid 90s. It was a magic night.   



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