bombs and the internet

This morning the papers and radio were all a flutter about the number of websites where you can find plans so you can build your own bomb.  A couple of polticians promised they would put a stop to this for good.  Which seemed very ridiculous.  I’ve got a better idea. Flood the internet with lots of designs for bombs – but all fake or deeply flawed.  A terrorist is hardly going to go to the trouble to build a bomb if he doesn’t know if its going to work or not.  There’s a serious point to this. We’re not honest enough about the amount of spam which floats around the category – marketing junk, me too claims and the rest. It would apppear that a lot of marketing cretes spam. Presumably this is OK otherwise we wouldn’t do it – no one would buy. because they couldn’t work out what was true and what wasn’t. There has to be a optimum level of spam which favours one brand rather than another. Some brands must want spam free categories. Others must revel in them. The trick for each brand is figuring out how much noise you ideally want. It isn’t just about signal.



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