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Herd I really must publish my review of Mark Earl’s Herd book and post the long interview with him I recorded back in March (outrageous). Today I got my first feedback from Will who had read the book and found the co-creation case study in it about the research I ran in 2003 to explore ways to counter binge drinking. The book was out and I didn’t have an opportunity to check the details of what Mark wrote. Can I assure you that we didn’t pay respondents to get drunk – which would have been a clear breach of the MRS code?  The Market Research Society thought we had at the time and got rather bellicose about it. We interviewed respondents before during and after hanging out with them for a typical Friday night – we didn’t ask them if they were going out on the town nor did we encourage them to. And we took care that incentives were paid AFTERWARDS and not before. Thank you Mark for immortalising us in aspic (or should that be absinthe?)  This was one of 2 occasion when I have tangled with the MRS sheriffs – the second time for proposing to hypnotise pensioners. Which by the way the research code does allows us to do if we ask respondents nicely first. I have discovered rather too late that running research projects on the radical fringe is a lot of fun and gets you loads of brownie points from your peers but doesn’t make your phone ring because research managers client side regard you as a bit of a Han Solo – you’re supposed to be boarding Imperial Cruisers not outflying them.. Ah well.



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