My Corona or This guy’s in love

Mycorona A chance remark in a conversation between Tom Waits and Jim Jarmusch got me scrabbling to Ebay. It was about the sounds that disappear and you don’t notice they’ve gone. Like cash registers and typewriters. So I headed straight for Ebay and drove down to Woodford to collect my prize a day later. Isn’t she beautiful? Great design wasn’t invented in the 1960s – we tend to forget that. The ribbon is shot but everything else seems to be in working order.  And the sound of the typewriter is back in my life.  The big idea is to hang a microphone on the back and mash the sound – yup its time to revive the typewriter as a beatbox.  Better still I can hang a camcorder over the top lined to a projector and the audience can read the rhythms I am making. Why has no one else tried this before? Perhaps they have – Tom Waits probably did it on Swordfishtrombones. But right now I feel I have something special to shape. Even wrote a song to go with it!



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