Anomaly: Heron on a house – does it count?

Fri 01/06/2007 16:18 01062007(002)

This amused me as I grabbed the shot using my mobile. I was doing some work on the RSPB back in April which got me deep into the world of the twitchers or birders as they like to call themselves. Of course the RSPB is trying to be as inclusive an organisation as it can but the birders cast a long shadow. I was reading about their arcane rules for identifying birds – as they build ever longer lists of sightings. The point is that the bird has to be seen in a sensible context. I’ve seen this heron perch on rooftops before but unless you can convince the birding fraternity that this is normal then it doesn’t count as a sighting.  The heron for those of you who have a life.. is a bird that lives by water and feeds on fish. It shouldn’t be behaving like a stork. But this one is.  The exception that proves the rule. Why is it the exceptions which bring so much pleasure? Must be the philosopher in me primed to spot the counterexample.



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